Regarding urethane foam and rubber molds:

“Our company has worked with Spectracam for the past two years and have been very pleased with their work from a quality, delivery, and cost competitive standpoint. We have been in the urethane foam molding business for the last 10 years and have had the opportunity to work with a variety of tooling suppliers.
Spectracam has built over 50 machined aluminum tools, 5 steel tools, and a variety of epoxy prototype tools for our plant. They have excellent CAD capabilities. They are always ready to interface in our activities for new tool design. In this respect they function as tooling engineers for our plant team. They have broad backgrounds that allow them to input meaningful suggestions for tooling improvements and tooling design direction.” – Satisfied Customer

Regarding short run automotive parts:

“I am writing to you on behalf of Spectracam’s customer to express our company’s appreciation of the work you have done for us. It is a pleasure to find a partnering vendor who is willing to work with us on design questions and making valuable recommendations.
The suggested design and manufacturing changes to our product have made this product more durable and has increased its usability to our customers. Your quick turnaround , willingness to work with us on delivery and exquisite craftsmanship is also greatly appreciated.
The continuing extra effort that you made on several of our products has helped us to deliver outstanding products to our customers. We look forward to a long and mutually prosperous working relationship” – Satisfied Customer

Regarding Foundry patterns and equipment:

“Spectracam can pride itself in its ability to provide customers with both high and low volume pattern equipment.
Spectracam and crew have helped us both in providing complete CNC urethane tooling and hard metal patterns and core-boxes to and beyond our highest expectations.
These craftsmen have taken 2-D blueprints and converted them into 3-d models using the latest cad/cam software.
We are pleased to consider Spectracam as a valued supplier of world class sand cast and permanent mold pattern equipment.” – Satisfied Customer